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*This blog post was written by a participant of the Culture Matters programme who was mentored by Liverpool Girl Geeks to design and facilitate her own creative visioning workshop!*

Hello, amazing person who is reading my blog post! I have been part of the Liverpool Girl Geeks (LGG) squad since 2016 and it has been a fabulous journey so far. In June 2017 Chelsea and Jo offered me the chance to run my own workshop as part of the Culture Matters project being coordinated by wehearttech C.I.C. Of course after having my confidence boosted over the past year I was well up for it!

It started with having a fabulous meeting with Chelsea & Jo at LGG headquarters, where we spent lots of time laughing. Then I was tasked with lots of jobs to do to get the workshop organised and promoted (with their help) and we decided to meet up again in a month to check on progress.

When we met up again we decided it would basically be a unicorn party so my workshop was ready to go! Just kidding, we decided that it would be called ‘Fearless Futures’ and the objectives would be to encourage all the attendees to consider their future careers in STEM and creative industries. They would create mood boards which reflected their dreams and goals.

The 12th of August came around and I was up very early as I was excited to get over to the workshop. Once I arrived to start setting up my pre-workshop nerves kicked in. But Chelsea and Jo did a great job of making me feel confident  after all, nerves are just excitement in a different form!


We started the workshop by using Powerpoint and then we moved onto the ice-breaker activity ‘what I want in a job’ which was so amazing – many of the girls would much rather be happy in a job than earn lots of money. When we fed back to the group it was so cool to see so many girls want the same things as me in a job. I helped facilitate the feedback and collect it.

Then we got done to the fun bit which was getting crafty and creating our vision boards. Here is me with my creative vision board…


The workshop taught me that I can do stuff when I really put my mind to it and that if you believe in yourself, you will be able to do anything.

My 5 top tips for running a workshop; 

  1. Chose a subject you are passionate about.
  2. Plan, plan and then plan a bit more.
  3. Have cake and unicorns!
  4. Don’t have it too early in the morning.
  5. Believe in yourself and have fun.

By Annabelle



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