A Very Social (Media) Christmas

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How did it get to Advent already? Don’t get me wrong, we’re super excited for Christmas here at wehearttech, but it seems like it was January only a few days ago! Regardless, we’re already dusting off the baubles, debating the merits of a fake tree versus a real one and deciding what delicacies will make it to the cheese board this year.

But we’re also assessing how social media fits into Christmas.

Social media is such a big part of our lives now and, even if you aren’t using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Snapchat, you’re probably using at least one of them and you’re bound to make a few posts over the Christmas period. But, let’s face it, no one in your family will be particularly happy if you’re sat there updating Facebook during the Christmas dinner, or if you insist on creating Vines of every single gift you open as you open it. This is definitely a time when you should focus on the people in the room with you, rather than your followers.

So here at wehearttech, we took some time to have a chat about how social media can be used in productive ways around Christmas – ways that don’t include Instagramming every single course of your nan’s Christmas dinner before anyone is allowed to take a bite. Here’s what we came up with.

Party planning

Whether you’ve been tasked with organising the office Christmas party, or you’re just trying to get your friends together for a bit of a do, social media can take a lot of the effort out. Assuming everyone you want to invite (or, at least, the majority) is on Facebook, a Facebook event means that you can announce the bash, send out invites, keep track of RSVPs and give updates all in one place. It can take a lot of hassle out of everything and gives guests an one-stop-shop for information.



Photo sharing

Families are a lot more spread out these days and it’s not always possible for everyone to be in the same place as each other over Christmas. While you can make that phone call to your brother or sister and chat to your nephews and nieces, it’s not quite the same as all sitting down round the dinner table together, SO why not set up a hashtag for you and your family to use on Instagram in order to instantly share all of your Christmas photos. Just search for your hashtag and all of the photos you and other members of your family have taken will pop up for everyone to see.

Personal thank yous

If you have little kids, nothing beats the excitement on their faces as they open their presents. So, when they’re opening a gift from someone who won’t be there that day, record them and get them to say thank you on camera. You can then use social media to send this (publicly or privately) to the gift-giver so they get a lovely, personal thank-you, as well as seeing the joy their gift gave.


Christmas card lists

We’re advocates of the humble Christmas card at wehearttech. While definitely analogue rather than digital, it’s so much nicer to receive a thoughtful Christmas card than an impersonal text message that’s been sent to everyone on the sender’s contact list. That said, remembering who to send your cards to can be a nightmare. Your social media friends/followers lists are a great resource for jogging your memory and reminding you who you need to send cards to. It’s not definitive, but it can be a great help.

These are just a few of our favourite ideas but let us know your own if you have any novel ways you use social media over Christmas.


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